How it works

Here we audit your current failing SAAS app and find new ways to sell the idea. Next, we develop a UI and clickable prototype based on our findings and test how users react to it. Once we figure out their pain-points and how they want it, we build a new service from scratch.

Current App Audit

Our entire team would have a FREE consultation with you. We would like to hear about the current problem you are trying to solve and why your project isn’t going anywhere. Why everyone? Each of us would like to get a taste of what we think the problem is and how to best tackle it.


Testing and Hypothesis Generation

Time to come up with practical solution to the problem you are trying to solve…and develop hypothesis and KPI’s your target audience would react positively to. The purpose of this step is to gain insight into the proposed need of your users.


UI Restructuring

After auditing your current SAAS app, our UI/UX design team with a fresh design for the proposed solution based on your feedback from your app audit.


System Development

Our engineering team – a mix of Python/Django and Javascript engineers – will optimze your solution. This is where we turn your idea into a Minimum Viable Product (or version 1.0), so your users and pay for it.



Now your application is up and running. Time to host it on the clouds. Here we give you access to your optimized application and codebase for future iterations.

Project Deliverables

  • ~ PDF containing Hypothesis/Feedback from audit
  • ~ Domain (except current one doesn’t fit)
  • ~ Product Design Document (with agreed features)
  • ~ Logo Design (except current one doesn’t fit)
  • ~ A clearly designed UI of your idea
  • ~ System Development
  • ~ Access to the codebase

Who needs this?

  • ~ Entrepreneurs with stalled SAAS app not achieving KPI’s


2 – 3 Months (Depends on the project scope)