How it works

Here we design a clickable prototype, drive traffic to it and monitor users interaction with the prototype to determine what the users really want and how they want it. No backend logic, whatsover!

Implementation Discussion with our Founder

We’ll set up a FREE consultation meeting for you with our Founder. Who would help oversee your project, plan it with you, get your KPI’s and has enough entrepreneurial-chops to understand your needs so as to guide the technical team to best achieve your goals.


UI & Prototype Development

We’ll turn your idea into a wireframe, followed by cutting edge UI/UX design and pass it to the front-end engineering team who will craftly create a replica of the UI as interactive prototype users can interact with.


Testing/Hypothesis Generation

Now your prototype is done, it’s time to get data based on your KPI for your project. Our marketing guys won’t hesitate to get the numbers rolling in. The result from this exercise would help you truly know what your target audience think about your project and how to best appeal to them.

Project Deliverables

  • ~ Domain Name (except one exists)
  • ~ Logo Design (except one exists)
  • ~ A clearly designed UI of your idea
  • ~ PDF containing users Feedback
  • ~ Access to the codebase

Who needs this?

  • ~ First-time Entrepreneurs
  • ~ Entrepreneurs with new product idea that want to test the waters
  • ~ Entrepreneurs who need to raise funds before building a product
  • ~ Bootstrapping entrepeneurs who want a list of their target audience emails for a soft-launch.


1 – 2 Weeks (Depends on the project scope)