How it works

Here we build a minimal version of your SAAS app with enough features that solves the users problems and can be paid for. Nothing else!

Implementation Discussion

Have a FREE consultation chat with our Founder to determine what features are most important to your users and how to best systemized your SAAS application to solve a main pain-point in the market.


UI Development

We’ll turn your idea into a wireframe, followed by cutting edge UI/UX design and pass it to the front-end engineering team who will craftly create a replica of the UI as interactive prototype users can interact with


System Development

Our engineering team – a mix of Python/Django and Javascript engineers – will orchestrate your solution. This is where we turn your idea into a Minimum Viable Product (or version 1.0 or whatever you decide to call it), so your users can use and pay for it.



Now your application is up, time to host it where both you and your users can reach it and make use of the solution. We will host your application to the cloud using Heroku…and give you both access to the server (host system) and codebase for future iterations.

Project Deliverables

  • ~ Domain (except one exists)
  • ~ Product Design Document (with agreed features)
  • ~ Logo Design (except one exists)
  • ~ A clearly designed UI of your idea
  • ~ System Development
  • ~ Access to the codebase

Who needs this?

  • ~ Entrepreneurs who have figured out their market needs.
  • ~ Entrepreneurs who need a workable solution for funding
  • ~ Entrepreneurs who need to get to the market real fast
  • ~ Bootstrapping entreprenuers who can’t afford to build a full-project at a go


4 – 8 Weeks (Depends on the project scope)