KPI-tracked interactive prototypes to validate your ideas

Optimize your SAAS app to gain traction

minimum viable products to cash in on your validated ideas

A "one of a kind" product launch formula to build SAAS apps that click!

What if you could leverage the same strategy used by Andrew Houston of Dropbox (worth over $2 Billion Dollars), KISSMetrics (founded by Niel Patel), Groupon,  Max Ventilla and Nathan Stoll of Aardvark (acquired by Google for $50 Million Dollars)… and many other successful startup’s you know?


Imagine you could skip the part where your idea fails and you have to live on your friends couch, move back to your parent’s basement or submit to working a 9-5 job you hate for the rest of your life… to the part where you build a product people need so you can achieve your dreams?


Well, now you can. And the best part is, you don’t even have to know how to code to do it! Play the video below to LEARN MORE!

LEARN - KPI-tracked "interactive prototypes" to validate your ideas

Use this module to make data-driven decisions and build a product your market really want. We conduct deep research on your target audience, develop avatars, design actionable KPI’s, release your prototype and measure their engagement with it before you build an actual product.


Ideal for: Entrepreneurs with fresh ideas. It helps you learn what your target audience want and how they want it.

BUILD - "minimum viable products" to cash in on your validated ideas

Use this module to turn your VALIDATED IDEAS into a stripped-down working solution your users can use and pay for. The end result isn’t your project in it’s full potential but potent enough to solve a problem and put money in your pocket.


After we (or you – using other means) have validated your idea and you know what your target audience want and how they want it, we turn the product into a simple solution (MVP) based on those striking needs of your users. No bells or whistles. 


Ideal for: Entrepreneurs who know what their audience need and want to get to the market fast! 

MEASURE - "Optimize" your SAAS app to gain traction.

Use this module to turn your already built BUT poorly performing SAAS product into a desired solution by your users.


Let our founder and a team of designers, developers and marketers tear your SAAS product apart from concept to footer and test our findings using the LEARN module to help you gain “Product-Market Fit”. This is an intensive session that reveals loophole between the problem you are trying to solve and your correct implementation of a solution.


Ideal for: Entrepreneurs with SAAS products that are failing to gain Product-Market Fit!

Why this strategy works

We have studied this system so hard. Here's why we think it's perfect for your project

modular, feedback-based approach to entrepreneurship

The system is broken down in modules, which are more realistic and situational based compared to building a full product nobody wants. This put’s your target audience into your product-development process and shape a perfect solution based on their feedback. 

proven approach used by many successful companies

This system leverages the “LEAN METHODOLOGY” widely used by seasoned entrepreneurs and successful tech companies including Toyota, Dropbox, Intel, Intuit, to launch successful products. It has been widely popularized by Eric Ries – Author of The Lean Startup

easy to understand system for non-tech entrepreneurs

Why throw your money into a sink-hole without knowing what you’re spending on? This systems makes possible for non-tech entrepreneurs, who would normally feel overwhelmed by tech baggage to understand where they are…and what to expect. It also helps you close the knowledge gap in tech during investment pitches.

no equity-splitting, freelancer hassles or agency overhead

Finally, you can end your search for a technical co-founder who will gubble up your equity (before investors do), eliminate the hassles in dealing with freelancers working for the highest bidder and outsourcing agencies with huge fees. This system helps you keep 100% of your equity, save you more time and cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you secure your idea?

We acknowledge your courage to share your idea – which we consider an intellectual property  – and to prove our trust, we provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your idea whether we work together or not.

Who are you guys, really?

We are a currently a 100% REMOTE team of 3 engineers, a user-experience designer, digital marketers who have worked with companies like McKinsey and our founder – a product developer at heart. Our passion is simply products that work and we consider The LEAN system a means of achieving that for non-technical entrepreneurs.

How do I know you aren’t fraudsters...and won’t run with my money?

Ok. Time to face the elephant in the room. The truth is we don’t expect you to trust us right out of the gate. So, to build that trust, we have decided to reduce every barrier possible. We use a build-first approach. This means, if your project is considered, we build your project with no upfront payment. We only expect you to pay a one-time stipend of $27 for registration. We do this to keep the lurkers out. The amount will be deducted from your project cost after completion.

I heard (insert programming language here) is better. Which do you use?

While there are a multitude of programming languages out there to build SAAS Applications, we have decided to write mainly using Python (Django)…and sometimes with Javascript. This is because we consider them the most versatile programming languages used by the best products out there.


Also, we choose them for their rapid implementation of MVP’s and dynamism.

What if you don’t select my idea...does that mean my idea is bound to fail?

Although we take on projects we are darn sure are going to be successful, Certain in-house factors like time (yes! we focus on one client at a time), project scope etc determine who we work with.


No, not working on your projects doesn’t mean we consider it a bad idea.

What if I only want one module?

All our modules are standalone. This means, depends on your current position on your entrepreneurial journey, you can choose to use any or all of them (which we recommend). It’s also possible to choose unrelating modules like BUILD and MEASURE at the same time (although not recommended).



Years of experience combined


Prototypes Built


MVP's Built


SAAS Apps optimized

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